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The Practice


What HEALTH Means To Me

Zeesha Health was born from an understanding that our entire body is interconnected. Our physical health is dependant on many factors including mental and emotional health as well as lifestyle. Our mental and emotional health are directly connected to food and exercise and can be improved with simple lifestyle swaps. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you. Get in touch to begin your journey with today!


Experience and Professionalism

As a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist I have coached individual clients and groups as well as presented workshops and health food demos.


Get In on It

 When was the last time you had a focused hour to discuss your wellness with a health care professional?

Taking care of YOU will help you perform and produce better in your professional and personal life.


Reviews and Testimonials


C. T.

When I started working with Zeesha I was pretty clueless about health. She helped me incorporate healthy habits without them becoming tedious and I have been able to sustain my healthier lifestyle for a long while since working with her. 


Everyone needs Zeesha in their life. I started working with Zeesha in August and then I started on the monthly program. She is helpful, insightful, and creative with her plans and ideas. I don't think I would be as far as I am today. She listens when I have a bad day or week and helps turn it around for me. The meal plans are delicious and helpful and geared towards personal goals. She has delicious and healthy ideas for the whole family. Thank you Zeesha. I highly endorse her work and encourage everyone looking to get their health in check to give her program a try. 


Was so nice meeting and working with Zeesha. We prepared a healthy meal plan that was both nutritious and energizing and most of all - never boring :) She's also been so encouraging in helping me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and bringing physical activity into my life slowly. 


Zeesha was my health coach long distance & I learned much about health and how I can change the way I view myself and my ability for self-control in very small steps. She worked around my very busy schedule and was very practical about figuring out ways for me to succeed.